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HP v1910 IPv4 routing

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HP v1910 IPv4 routing

Hi all

This is sort-of a follow-up to this question: https://community.hpe.com/t5/Web-and-Unmanaged/Yet-another-question-about-HP-VLANs/m-p/6913588#M2572

Background: I've been tasked with configuring a VLAN on a switch at our premises. The info provided to me was the following: Use VLAN 25 and IP subnet

So I configured the switch accordingly, marking the port where the link connects as a Trunk port, tagged with VLAN 25.

I've got another port that's a hybrid with tagged VLAN 25, and untagged VLAN 5 (private LAN), VMWare sitting on the other side of that connection with a vSwitch port group configured with VLAN 25.

Now VLAN 25 works just fine. I can ping the destination IP of at the remote site perfectly.

Here's where things get tricky for me. On our side, the IP has been assigned directly to the device we need to be able to communicate, in this case being a VM with a NIC assigned to it belonging to the aforementioned VLAN 25.

On the other end though, they have a device on a totally different subnet, specifcally We need to be able to reach this device over VLAN 25, so in other words from our device to (remote site), then from there to their device

I've tried all sorts of different ways to get this in place, from adding a static route on the device itself (read VM) specifying this:

route add mask if ETH_DEV_VLAN25


That doesn't seem to work. Then I tried configuring a VLAN interface on the v1910 switch instead, IP being At this point, I can once again ping just fine from my v1910 switch.

Then I tried adding a static IPv4 route on the v1910, specifically as follows:

Destination IP address:

Mask: 32 (

Next Hop:

Interface: Vlan-Intercace25

Preference: 10


This however does not seem to work. If I do a traceroute from the v1910 to, all hops seemingly time out. Surely I should at least see as a next hop?

That, and if I do get this to work, I'm not entirely sure how to route from there. The 30 CIDR only leaves room for two IPs, meaning I cannot add a NIC on the VM belonging to VLAN 25. This means that I will have to somehow route this from our VLAN 5 to our VLAN 25 right? If I'm on the right track here, I'm not entirely sure how to add a route that would direct traffic hitting the switch on VLAN 5 to go to VLAN 25. My best guess is (EDIT: just to add, I tried the below already, but doesn't seem like it's a valid route - error message is that the next hop address is invalid):

Destination IP address:

Mask: 32 (

Next Hop: (VLAN 25 IP address on my v1910)

Interface: Vlan-Intercace5

Preference: 10

Sorry for the many questions, but I'm really struggling to wrap my head around all of this.

Occasional Advisor

Re: HP v1910 IPv4 routing

This has sort-of been resolved. Instead of assigning an IP on the switch with a VLAN Interface, I removed the VLAN interface (and the routing as a result).

Instead, I assigned the IP directly to a VM, added a route in the OS (Windows in this case), and tested that way. Using Wireshark, we could see that the traffic reaches the remote site successfully, at least It does not reach, but even if we try pinging, the traffic still reaches the remote device

To me, it at least proves that my routing was probably correct on the switch. The trouble came in in not being able to prove it easily.

 EDIT: Just to add, the intended connectivity between (my side) and (remote device) still isn't working, but I am at the very least now able to prove that the problem is at the remote site and not with my config. I suspect that it's either a routing issue between and, or too-strict FW rules at the remote site, or both.


Thanks to marctxk and Mikhail Khirgiy over on serverfault.com for the assistance.