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Has anyone been able to use one of these switches?

Requires a SERIAL port to configure (not realy new technology) then when booting BOTH NEW switches have "Retrieve configuration file failed!"  after whcih is says

"Configuring default settings.

User interface aux0 is available

Press ENTER to get started."

Pressing enter does nothing, besides a user intface from the past century to have 2 NEW switches both fail pretty much indicates the product is a dud.


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Re: HP1920-24G

On 1st power-up, the switch uses dhcp to get IP address.  Retrieve this address and use web interface.
When no dhcp server is present , the switch falls back to ip address in  169.254.x.x range, the precise address is derived from MAC address .
You can also use serial to set IP address.

btw: All of this is in the manual

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Re: HP1920-24G

Note the Ip address that it comes configured with is printed on the back of the switch.

Put your laptop into the same subnet and you will be able to browse to it.

If you then create a VLAN interface (create VLAN 1st if its not going to be native VLAN1) and give it the IP address you want.

If you then change your laptop's Ip into this subjnet you will be able to browse to it.

Its all in the manual :)


Re: HP1920-24G

Agreed: DHCP or Fix Address and Web Config.

Was wondering how to connect the serial interface to my laptop... ;-)