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lldp - vlan configuration issue.

New Member

lldp - vlan configuration issue.

Hello, i wonder if you help me to configure vlan advertising through lldp ETHII on: HPE V1910-24G-PoE Switch Software Version Release 1518.

On this stage i have enabled ldp global and on port in TxRx mode, TLV: 

Port VLAN ID  - enabled 

Protocol VLAN ID  - 133 (in my scenario)

VLAN NAME - 133 (in my scenario)

also i have enable LLDP-MED. 

Anyway in advertising frames field "port and protocol vlan id (PPVID)" is equal "0":


12:57:45.783428 LLDP, length 89
    Chassis ID TLV (1), length 7
        Subtype MAC address (4): 78:48:59:7e:59:76
        0x0000: 0478 4859 7e59 76
    Port ID TLV (2), length 7
        Subtype MAC address (3): 78:48:59:7e:59:7f
        0x0000: 0378 4859 7e59 7f
    Time to Live TLV (3), length 2: TTL 120s
        0x0000: 0078
    Organization specific TLV (127), length 6: OUI Ethernet bridged (0x0080c2)
        Port VLAN Id Subtype (1)
            port vlan id (PVID): 1
       0x0000: 0080 c201 0001
    Organization specific TLV (127), length 7: OUI Ethernet bridged (0x0080c2)
        Port and Protocol VLAN ID Subtype (2)
            port and protocol vlan id (PPVID): 0, flags [supported] (0x02)
        0x0000: 0080 c202 0200 00
    Organization specific TLV (127), length 16: OUI Ethernet bridged (0x0080c2)
        VLAN name Subtype (3)
            vlan id (VID): 133
            vlan name: VLAN 0133
        0x0000: 0080 c203 0085 0956 4c41 4e20 3031 3333
    Organization specific TLV (127), length 7: OUI ANSI/TIA (0x0012bb)
        LLDP-MED Capabilities Subtype (1)
            Media capabilities [LLDP-MED capabilities, network policy, location identification, extended power via MDI-PSE, Inventory] (0x002f)
            Device type [network connectivity] (0x04)
        0x0000: 0012 bb01 002f 04
     Organization specific TLV (127), length 8: OUI ANSI/TIA (0x0012bb)
        Network policy Subtype (2)
            Application type [none] (0x00), Flags [Unknown]
            Vlan id 0, L2 priority 0, DSCP value 0
        0x0000: 0012 bb02 0080 0000
    Organization specific TLV (127), length 9: OUI IEEE 802.3 Private (0x00120f)
        MAC/PHY configuration/status Subtype (1)
            autonegotiation [supported, enabled] (0x03)
            PMD autoneg capability [unknown] (0x0000)
            MAU type 1000BASET fdx (0x001e)
        0x0000: 0012 0f01 0300 0000 1e
    End TLV (0), length 0


So, the question is, how we can make that switch will advertising field "port and protocol vlan id (PPVID)" with value "133".

Thank you in advance.