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Problems with v1910

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Problems with v1910

I'm a cisco guy and this is my first time working with HP gear.  I'm probably missing something simple, but for the life of me I can't figure out what.


First issue: Stack traffic will not traverse an aggregate link.  When i configure the "simple stack" it works great over a single link (the slaves show up in the topology list).  However, if there's is a LAG configured between the switches, slaves will not appear in the list.  I follow the very simple steps in the configuration manual on a brand new switch and get the same result every time.  There's another post about this here, but there are no helpful replies.


Second issue: I have created two VLAN Interfaces ( and -VLAN 50 and 60 respectively).  When at the switch command line, I can ping the first with no problem (  When I ping the second, however, I get


"From : Communication Administratively Prohibited"  I've attached a screenshot.  


I don't have any access lists in place and both VLAN interfaces were created the same way and are both listed as up.  Is the some type of hard-coded managemant IP?  It is not an IP that I have configured anywhere.


Thanks for any guidance you can provide.



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