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Q: HP 1820 24 - Changing VLAN on port.

New Member

Q: HP 1820 24 - Changing VLAN on port.

Hi All,

Just a quick question since i am new with switches from HP, when i change the VLAN from the interface on the port does it change it instant or i have to save the config untill it forces the change? Since i am working with live environments at this moment i do not want to take a risk.




Frequent Advisor

Re: Q: HP 1820 24 - Changing VLAN on port.

As always on all HPE switches, change is immediate so in realtime. It is not juniper or brocade. So there is no activate configuration command. So be careful.  After you click OK, your request is processed.

When you change VLAN to DHCP enabled network with DHCP client you probably will need also to disable and enable port. (in case of static IPs VLAN change will be visible immediately)

On 1820 all issued commands (over GUI) are saved. On higher switches product lines you need to save configuraton to flash to leave your change persistent. (survive reboot)

If you are working in critical environments sensitive to all configuration changes 1820 is not top ideal candindate. It is purely SMB switch or for ultra small branches.

Michal Dolezal, DiS.
System engineer