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Static LAG config for V1910 - is this correct?

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Static LAG config for V1910 - is this correct?


I have two VSphere hosts where each has a quad port NIC that should be connected to a V1910.

To achieve this at the switch side I have created BAGG1 for ports 17-20 and BAGG2 for ports 21-24.  Note: Prior to creating these LAGs, the same ports were assigned tagged VLAN IDs 120-129.

In VLAN / Modify ports I have changed port types for port 17-24 to Trunk.

I need to tag VLANs 120-129 for these two LAGs.  1. Should I delete the old VLAN tagging on ports 17-24 BEFORE opening the VLAN / Modify ports page again, select BAGG1 + BAGG2  and enter VLAN IDs 120-129 on this page ?

2. Or, do I need to do the above operation in two passes, one for BAGG1 and the second for BAGG2..?

Thanks a lot for comments on question 1 and 2.  This is a switch in low priority production but I don't want to cause unnecessary downtime and hope to do it right the first time :-)

best regards Tor

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Re: Static LAG config for V1910 - is this correct?


If there is permitted vlan changes on the LAGG then there will be downtime required. Because vlan matching on both side is the one of the parameter to for aggregation to come UP. My suggestion is to prepare for downtime and change anyhing on the LAGG.


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