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Two HP v1910 48G conflicting each other?

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Two HP v1910 48G conflicting each other?

At our school we just install two v1910 48G.  Ever since Our network keeps freezing up.  Our wireless devices stop obtaing IPs.  When I reset both switches, network goes back to normal for a while.  Maybe not mess up untill tomorrow.  I have searched all over the internet for a similar issue, but cant find one.  Are the two switches conflicting eachother?  Stack has been disabled in the Web interface.  Not sure if that would make a difference anyway.  The switches are in two separate buildings.  I am attaching my log.  One switch is listed on log "HP-HSLAB-SW01".  But the other is not listed in log for some reason.  Its hostname is "HP-ELEMLAB-SW01".  I still have to reset both switches in order for WAPs to reprovision and computers to stop lagging.  When I say computers, I mean 100+ on our network.  Am I missing something?  This is the first HP switches I have ever purchased.


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Re: Two HP v1910 48G conflicting each other?

The hostname doesn't help us much - we would need to see the switch config.


Maybe you haven't enabled spanning-tree? First-time users of HP switches can be caught out because they might be used to buying switches that have spanning-tree already turned on by default.