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V1910 (3COM 2928) Problem - Network Teaming + Uplink

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V1910 (3COM 2928) Problem - Network Teaming + Uplink



I'm facing some difficulties with connectivity between servers with  network teaming and two V1910.


I have a few hp servers (g6 and g7 models) and two V1910, and also an ISCSI MSA.


What I'm trying to do is simple, and I did it before with other switches, not baseline ones.

Heres the scenario:



- I have 2nics with team enable on each server. One nic connected to switch1 and the other one to switch2.

- Both switches have default VLAN and VLAN10 for ISCSI.

- Since I was having problems with LACP to make an uplink between the switches using 2ports, I now simply have one cable doing the uplink between switches ( untagged on default VLAN)

- Teaming is configured in "Recommended".


I run some tests:

-ping running from machine A to machine B(as said before 1nic swithc1 other switch2).

- I remove one of the cables and the ping stops reaching the machine.


What am I missing ?

Shouldn't it be able to reach the machine B over the other link automatically ?






Re: V1910 (3COM 2928) Problem - Network Teaming + Uplink



What kind of teaming is "recommended"? In your scenario the only teaming mode you can use is "network fault tolerance", which keeps only one adapter active at a time and provides failover should the active link fail. Other methods won't work across two switches unless the switches support distributed trunking, which the 1910's definitely don't.


How is the link between the switches configured? Did you allow VLAN 10 tagged over the link? If you do that it should be no problem with an LACP trunk there either.

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