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Can't log into Business Support Center

New Member

Can't log into Business Support Center

I get lots of email from HP urging me to use the Business Support Center (BSC). When I try to log in, the site doesn't acknowledge my log-in (i.e., the page that comes up after I submit my user ID & password is the same page and I remain un-logged in). When I've tried registering as a new user, I get the response that an account for that email address already exists. grrrrr.

BTW, is the account to use in this circumstance my HP Passport account?

Re: Can't log into Business Support Center

Dear Member,

Welcome to BSC Forums.

You should able to log-in to Business support Center (BSC) with the same User ID and password, which you are using for BSC forums, i.e., the current HP passport account. You can use the same log-in details(HP passport account)for accessing Business Support Center (BSC) and BSC forums.

While trying to register as a new user, you are getting an error message because you have previously registered in BSC Forums using a similar e-mail address.

I would suggest you to use the existing HP passport accont log-in details for accessing Business Support Center.

Hope, this will resolve your issue.

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