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Checking eligibility for Customer Self Repair (parts replacement)


Checking eligibility for Customer Self Repair (parts replacement)

Are you having an issue with a part but prefer the flexibility and convenience of fixing it yourself? If your product includes a Customer Self Repair option, let HPE ship your replacement parts directly to you.

Follow these quick steps to check eligibility and initiate Self Repair:

  1. Determine if Customer Self Repair is available for your product. A link will appear for CSR in your product search results. (Image 1 :  CSR link)
  2. Verify the status of your warranty using Warranty check.
  3. Determine the self-replacement option type. "Mandatory" requires standard warranty customers to perform part replacement or pay for HPE service. “Optional” indicates self repair is optional for customers with packaged support or a support agreement. (Image 2 : CSR options)
  4. Order parts depending on the state of the product warranty: (Image 3 : CSR order parts)
    1. If active, submit a support case using the Support Case Manager (SCM). Click the Submit or manage support cases link.
    2. If expired, click the Buy replacement parts
  5. Use repair videos and animations and part replacement instructions to install the replacement. (Image 4 : CSR instructions and videos)

Customer Self Repair linkCustomer Self Repair linkCSR optionsCSR optionsCSR Order PartsCSR Order PartsCSR Instructions and VideosCSR Instructions and Videos


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