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HP Driver Download Site

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HP Driver Download Site


Why is there always a constant problem with HP's Download driver site?

This problem is endless and continues to frustrate me week by week.

The problem has been going on for many years and there are NUMEROUS threads on this forum regarding the same issue.

Hp is is a MASSIVE company and supplys hundreds of thousands of products to all sorts of company's. How their site be so poor?

I always seem to get a timeout or page can not be displayed or in some cases a browser crash because it is next to impossible at times to download drivers.

This is never just relating to one product either, I work for a large company and am an IT professional who works with various HP products on a day to day basis. This means I have to visit the site a lot to download drivers for the various pieces of hardware I come in contact with.

It is always a chore and sometimes just isn't possible to download a driver.

I've tried different browsers, different times of day, different locations, different URL's, FTP software, direct links etc etc.

The same always happens.

I KNOW HP are aware of this problem as it has been going on for years, and that seriously is not an understatement. I have phoned them, wrote to them, filled in surveys etc etc, nothing ever seems to change.

Surely if the traffic and demand are so great, can't they just upgrade their servers, I mean they make the things!! Come on HP!

I have now resorted to storing all the drivers I do get on to a CD for future use. If I get a new piece of hardware in the Driver disc is imperative.

I have been trying to push my company to move to Dell products as have other members in IT, mainly due to the support, not the quality of the product.

Go to Dell's site and try and download a driver, you won't believe that you can actually download something by clicking on it!
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Re: HP Driver Download Site

it's not HP Problem but you or your ISP!
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Re: HP Driver Download Site

I have the same problem. Did anyone find a solution?