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Financial services organizations can more easily adopt HPC to improve risk analysis fraud detection, and other FSI workloads with solutions from HPE and Intel.

HPE-Intel-Financial-Services-Solutions.pngKey takeaways

  • Today more than ever, financial services industry (FSI) organizations need a highly scalable, powerful infrastructure to perform complex risk analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), and business process automation.
  • More accurate, faster insights result from FSI applications that are optimized to run on Intel hardware.
  • End-to-end services from HPE enable FSI organizations to continue their digital transformation and focus on the business, not on infrastructure.

Ever-increasing regulation combined with a continuing escalation in money-laundering and fraud is putting pressure on FSI organizations to process more data and reach insights more quickly. But the typical purpose-built, complex FSI computing environment is not prepared to handle the massive data and computing requirements associated with AI applications and business process automation.

While FSI organizations seek to improve the performance of a wide range of FSI workloads, including risk analysis and management, security and financial crime, and pricing and hedging, their infrastructure holds them back. To help organizations achieve these business goals, HPE, Intel, and independent software vendors (ISVs) are working together to offer a high performance computing (HPC) infrastructure specifically designed for AI and automation workloads.

Robust, highly secure HPE servers like the HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus, the HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Plus, and HPE Cray exascale supercomputers are equipped with 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which offer a variety of core counts, cache sizes, and frequencies. As the only data center CPU with built-in AI acceleration, hardware-enhanced security, and software optimizations, 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver higher performance across a diverse set of smart AI workloads than previous generation.[1] Plus they offer more memory bandwidth and other enhancements, compared to the previous generation of processors. These server systems can handle today’s new massive converged modeling, simulation, AI, and analytics workloads.

Beyond mere hardware, consider a pay-as-you-go model that provides flexible capacity and includes manageability and provisioning services. With HPE GreenLake, FSI organizations can scale HPC as needed while simultaneously controlling costs and simplifying their production environment.

For true optimized FSI applications, customers can take advantage of the special acceleration features of Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Intel has helped with the optimization of all the major machine learning frameworks, including PyTorch, Caffe, TensorFlow, MXNet, and more to gain optimal framework performance. Similarly, Intel has worked with the open-source community to tune languages like Python. In addition, HPE and Intel are working closely with several ISVs innovators, including:

  • Matlogica – optimizing pricing and risk workloads by accelerating complex numerical calculations
  • Quantifi - increasing credit option pricing throughput to provide an accurate real-time view of the valuations and risk of derivative positions
  • Consilient – enabling a secure, federated learning platform to help fight money laundering and finance terrorism.

By taking advantage of HPE and Intel engineers’ knowledge, FSI organizations can achieve data-first modernization, which includes an HPC platform foundation as well as a well-defined data architecture. As a result of combining HPE and Intel for HPC, FSI organizations gain benefits like more efficient code, easier development, painless scalability, and faster insights with greater accuracy, which in turn reduces risk.

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[1] See [119,121, 122, 123] at for details.  Results may vary.


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