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Nimble Storage Integration with SCOM via HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center


Nimble Storage Integration with SCOM via HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center

So a number of people have been asking when HPE Nimble Storage is going to have and integration point to System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Well, that day is here, and with this release of the "HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center (HPE Storage Integrations)" version 9.1 (June 2018) Nimble arrays are now supported. This can be downloaded from the following link;

As can be expected, the installation is rather simple, Once you install the package, and select to monitor "Nimble Storage" you will want to run the Array selection tool to add the IP Address and Credentials that SCOM will then use to monitor the array.

I should note that Microsoft has a rule for Management Packs, which is that installation of the management pack cannot Automatically setup polling and discovery, that should always be done by the user of the management pack explicitly. As such the first task you will want to complete is to enable Discovery.

To accomplish this, you will want to select the Authoring Tab inside of the Operations Manager Console, and then select Overrides. From the right window, select 'Look for' and use the word "nimble". This will limit the items to search to only those that are valid. Of the rules shown, you iwll want to enable the following Rules (set to true), and set the interval value to something valid for your requirements;

HPE Nimble Storage Discovery Rule : intervalseconds

HPE Nimble Stoage Discovery Rule : Enabled

HPE Nimble Storage SNMP Trap Catcher Rule : Enabled


Now that the array is being discovered, you should find a that under the Monitoring Tab, you now have an HPE Storage Folder, as well as an HPE Nimble Storage subfolder. Alerts and Events will show up in their respective windows. If you select the Diagram View, you will notice that below the root (Called HPE Nimble Storage) that you will find your Array Groups, and upon selection of that Group, you will see both a physical and logical side.




Now that you have the initial view, you can dig into the various representations. I should note that when the number of items to be displayed exceeds a reasonable number to display, the sub-items will only be shown if they fail. This will assist you in determining fault conditions quickly if needed. This is true of Volumes (since a single array can have thousands), and for Hard Drives (again since a single shelf can have 48).

Below are examples of how volumes and disks are displayed, only with a quantity.


I point out that other devices that are expandable, such as power supplies, fans, network adapters, etc. as shown below;


This of course is a only version 1.0 and expect us to keep updating this over time to add more and more functionality and features. Some of this can be directed by you, please send us your feedback on what you would like to see added.


Chris Lionetti
Occasional Visitor

Re: Nimble Storage Integration with SCOM via HPE OneView for Microsoft System Center

Overrides will only show if overrides are already present.  To create the override in the first place it should be within the Object Discoveries.  When I look at those, everything that has "HPE" in it is enabled by default, so this step is not needed?

Also, this is the first time I hear Microsoft has a rule that new MPs cannot automatically start polling.  This is how SCOM should work by design and how all MS MPs are created in the first place....