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HPE Memory-Driven Flash and Peer Persistence. Both newly announced at HPE Discover and contributing to the Nimble Storage intelligent storage experience that’s empowering customers around the globe. 

HPE Nimble Storage_Peer Persistence_blog.jpgDay 15 for me at HPE started with excitement and anticipation at HPE Discover 2018 in Madrid as I walked on to the show floor as the new head of product marketing for HPE Nimble Storage.  

While enterprise storage has matured tremendously over these years, customers still face the ongoing challenge of the cost and complexity of deploying, managing, and supporting enterprise storage solutions. When joining the HPE Storage team, I thought I had a pretty good sense of the unique power and simplicity that HPE Nimble storage can deliver to customers of all sizes. What I learned from my many engaging conversations with both customers and partners, is not only did Nimble Storage work as advertised, no marketing BS, but for many, it was a life-changing experience.

The Nimble experience lets you deliver on what’s important

Even today, getting many enterprise storage systems installed, running, and actually delivering data to apps can easily take days or weeks. Then comes the pain of never ending management and the time consuming support and specialized resources required to keep it up and running. A common theme emerged in my conversations at Discover on how Nimble customers were able to virtually eliminate theses everyday challenges and dramatically reduce the time and cost of storage management so they could pivot and focus on delivering business transformation.

How sweet it is

For Ferrara Candy Company, moving to Nimble storage took storage management from 20-to-30 hours a week to just 10-to-15 minutes! Not to mention the faster time to value and reduced stress by installing and provisioning “enterprise storage” less than 30 minutes! The combined time savings and confidence delivered by Nimble’s automated and proactive management and support, and guaranteed 99.9999% (Six 9s) of availability, enabled the storage team to focus on those exciting, and truly "fun" projects that would transform their business. How does being part of building a state of the art, fully automated candy manufacturing plant sound! This was their real Nimble experience.

Knowing you can be there to help, when someone is having the worst day of their life

Motorola “Command and Control Group” delivers “command centers” for 911 and other critical services for more than 1000 state, local, and national system deployments around the world. These systems simply cannot fail when you’re having the worst day of your life. Leveraging the powerful, predictive analytics embedded in HPE InfoSight that comes with Nimble and 3PAR, they were able to deliver a unified, proactive problem management/resolution across the full stack, and accelerate dev/ops across 79 of their most mission-critical or Tier-1 data centers in largest population areas.  Now, instead of spending “hours and hours a week” chasing real and ghost storage issues, they reported that in the last six months, they only spent two hours managing storage! And, if that wasn’t enough, in the last two and one-half years they have had “ZERO millisecs of outage time!" 

Watch how HPE Intelligent Storage empowered the Motorola experience

Solving customer challenges and driving more opportunity

With Nimble’s deep AI integration through InfoSight, instead of complaints and support calls, customers now call their partners to tell them how “effortless and reliable” their new storage is. Think about it, when customers are happy they will turn to their partners for “what’s next,” and they will tell their peers. The partner Nimble experience is having more time to focus solving new customer storage problems and driving more opportunities for their business.

I had a blast at Discover and before we dive into 2019, I would like to share a couple of exciting new announcements for Nimble: 

  • HPE Memory-Driven Flash: In a world of “right-now”, speed is everything.  And for those with really deep pockets, cost doesn’t matter.  But in our world, cost does matter. Nimble’s unique architecture was designed from the beginning to leverage and embrace virtually any type of storage media and deliver the flexibility to optimize maximum performance and cost. The next-generation Storage Class Memory (SCM) can deliver 10x the performance over existing flash technologies and HPE Memory-Driven Flash is the first enterprise storage to take advantage of this new performance paradigm. Take a quick look and learn how Nimble can effortlessly accelerate storage performance to the next level. My colleague Matt Morrissey talks more on thie topic in his blog: Driving the shift to memory-driven storag. And be sure to watch this Chalk Talk video from Calvin Zito. I think you’ll like it.



  • HPE Peer Persistence: You never know when a disaster will occur. For those of us in the data business, this means you make sure your data is not stored all in one basket. HPE Nimble Storage now simplifies this requirement and expands its proven 99.9999% availability and protection to remote sites with synchronous replication and transparent failover delivering automatic and unattended disaster recovery capabilities with HPE Peer Persistence. Take a look at the solution brief to learn how Nimble can extend high availability and protection to your remote environments. To learn more, watch our new Chalk Talk on Peer Persistence.

You too can have the Nimble experience

Find out how effortlessly Nimble Storage, the most intelligent, self-managing enterprise storage, can transform your business and let you to “focus on the fun stuff.”

Discover more, any time

If you weren’t able to make it to Madrid, you can continue to Discover More by watching Discover sessions on demand to learn about HPE’s vision and shared experiences.

Given what I heard at HPE Discover, I’m pretty sure there must be thousands of happy customers that have their own Nimble experience and I can’t wait to hear your story too.

Thanks for listening and we’ll chat again soon in the new year.

R.Serafini_HPE.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Randy Serafini, Global Product Marketing, Nimble Storage Platform, HPE. Randy has more than two decades of experience in enterprise storage and data protection technologies ranging from personal computing to the data center and multi-cloud. He has led the marketing and product management efforts for visionary companies that pioneered hybrid storage and enterprise cloud storage and backup.


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