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ESG validation: Small-yet-mighty HPE SimpliVity delivers the goods – plus significant cost savings

New Enterprise Strategy Group report validates the economic benefits of the HPE SimpliVity 325 hyperconverged platform. The detailed analysis reveals significantly better start-up costs and overall cost savings over a three-year period when the highly dense platform is compared to traditional 3-tier architecture, public cloud services, or other vendors’ HCI offerings.



The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) just published a new economic validation report and I’m so excited, I can’t wait to share it with you. Since we rolled out the HPE SimpliVity 325 last year, customers have shown overwhelming interest in the rack-dense, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform. That’s not surprising, since it offers high availability in an extremely compact footprint, built-in data protection and resiliency, and easy management and administration across all distributed sites and data centers through a single pane of glass.

Now, ESG has validated the economic benefits of the small-yet-mighty platform. According to the report, the “lightweight, highly available, two-node solution is perfect for organizations or edge environments that need reduced complexity and lower overhead to run their business.”

Incredible Start-Up Costs for High-Density Hyperconverged Infrastructure

ESG conducted a detailed cost of ownership analysis of a 2-node HPE SimpliVity 325 deployment and found that it delivers incredible start-up costs and overall cost savings over a three-year period compared to traditional 3-tier architecture, a blend of other HCI offerings, and public cloud services. As shown below, these quantitative savings were modeled after five key components: cost of acquisition, data protection, administration, data center, and support. 



While many notable results were outlined in this report, here are a few key highlights.

Overall Cost Savings

An HPE SimpliVity 325 2-node deployment delivers overall cost savings of:

  • 43% compared with a traditional three-tier deployment
  • 28% compared with a blend of other HCI solutions
  • 66% compared with a leading public cloud infrastructure services provider

As the chart shows below, any way you look at it, there are real cost saving when deploying HPE SimpliVity 325 compared to alternative solutions. 



The Multiplier Effect

Now imagine what kind of impact that could have across multiple edge sites and data centers. Organizations with multiple edge deployments have the potential to save millions of dollars when deploying HPE SimpliVity compared with other architectures. For example, ESG estimates that a 50-site HPE SimpliVity 325 2-node edge solution would save $1.5M over other HCI solutions, $4M versus traditional three-tier, and $7.6M compared to public cloud. Truly incredible savings.

Highly Recommended Edge Solution

HPE-SimpliVity325_LF 800px.jpgEdge deployments are often limited on cash and IT resources. This new report clearly illustrates the value of the high-density HPE SimpliVity platform, making it an ideal solution for virtualized distributed edge and data center environments. Cost savings are driven by a number of factors including –

  • You only need two HPE SimpliVity nodes to achieve high availability. This results in immediate cost savings compared with other deployment options.
  • The importance of data efficiency can’t be overstated! HPE Simplivity technology dedups, compresses, and optimizes all data at inception – globally, across all edge sites and data centers. You not only save on storage capacity and expensive data center resources, you also reduce the amount of data sent over the WAN.
  • IT organizations can save thousands of dollars with HPE SimpliVity because it’s architected with fully integrated, built-in data protection capabilities including VM backups, multi-site replication, recovery, cloning, and disaster recovery. With HPE SimpliVity, you don’t need to buy third party data protection solutions, incurring additional software licensing costs and fees.
  • You don’t need to spend money on administrative specialists. HPE SimpliVity management and administration across compute, storage, virtualization, and data protection can easily be controlled through a familiar VMware vCenter interface.

This ‘small-yet-mighty’ HCI solution reduces complexity and lowers overhead through its hyper-efficient architecture. In its 1U footprint, the single node consolidates advanced data services, built-in data protection, and global intelligence in a scalable building block, so you can start small and grow the infrastructure as your business grows.

I encourage you to read the full report to see why ESG recommends HPE SimpliVity 325 for organizations that need to meet business requirements and stay well within budget.

Download the report: ESG Economic Validation report on HPE SimpliVity 325




Meet Jodie Jordanger. Jodie is a Storage Product Marketing Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise focused on HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure. You can follow her on Twitter @jodie_jordanger



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