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Fortify your data management environment with the HPE Data Platform for SAP HANA

Gain insights from the new ESG technical paper examining data management and SAP challenges—and learn how you can conquer these challenges with the HPE Data Platform designed specifically for SAP HANA.

HPE Data Management SAP HANA_blog.jpgIs your organization continuing to increase your reliance on IT for delivery of deeper business insights to cut costs and grow revenue? Addressing these business needs drives IT organizations to become more data driven and drive digital transformation. One key data analytics tool often at work here is SAP HANA. While an agent for change, HANA introduces complexities in terms of business process change and infrastructure implementation, including concerns around managing your data.

How to improve data management efficiency, reduce complexity and risk

In a new white paper, IT analyst, research and strategy firm ESG has taken a look at the challenges associated with data management and SAP HANA—and how HPE’s Data Platform for HANA addresses these challenges. The HPE offering reduces complexity and improves efficiency, while reducing the overall risk of the solution.  It forms the base of a comprehensive solution ecosystem for HANA delivered by HPE, inclusive of one-stop-shop for hardware, software, networking, services and support. Additional elements include:

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