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HPE 3PAR File Lock for data retention


Meet the growing challenge of preserving data for specific or indefinite periods of time with HPE 3PAR File Lock.

HPE File Lock_blog.jpgProtecting critical data from accidental deletion or alteration of critical data is a key business imperative for most organizations today. Many organizations also have a need to provide secure, long-term protection for specific classes of data. With HPE 3PAR File Lock, you gain the ability to prevent accidental or malicious modification and deletion of critical data stored in native file shares on the array.

File Lock on 3PAR StoreServ with File Persona Software enables you to make the content of files immutable via WORM (Write Once, Read Many) and prevents the deletion of files via customizable retention and hold policies, both automatically and/or by ad hoc action. This new capability allows you to expand the use of your HPE 3PAR StoreServ flash storage to include production workload adjacent data preservation for an even greater return on your investment.

3PAR File Lock operates in either one of two modes—in an Enterprise mode or in a Compliance mode. In Compliance mode, login by the root user is disabled, providing the extra level of protection to meet specific regulatory compliance requirements, such as SEC 17a-4 requirements.

Here’s a look at the lifecycle of a file when using File Lock

HPE File Lock 1.jpg


HPE File Lock 2.jpg

File Lock uses and benefits

Here are some of the ways you might find File Lock useful to your organization:

  • Retain financial, human resources and other business records for defined periods of time in accordance with governance requirements
  • Hold data for an indefinite period of time when it is subject to investigation or litigation such as video surveillance footage showing an event or manufacturing data for a production run
  • Prevent the accidental deletion or modification of project content stored on group shares that are still actively used for ongoing operations by employees who require write accessHPE File Lock 3.jpg

    In summary, through production workload adjacent data preservation using 3PAR File Persona and the new File Lock capability, you can amortize your 3PAR StoreServ flash storage investment across more uses without performance and availability tradeoffs for production workloads. File Lock removes much of the risk and complexity that you otherwise face from the growing challenge of preserving data for specific or indefinite periods of time.

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