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HPE Complete: Accelerating frictionless deployment of complex joint solutions

The HPE Complete Program expands and simplifies the acquisition of enterprise solutions. It enables one-stop shopping to purchase innovative solutions consisting of third-party and HPE products.  See who our partners are now.

HPE Complete_partnership_blog.jpgI’m extremely pleased today to announce the general availability and global expansion of the HPE Complete program, through which the expansive portfolio of solutions is now available to a much broader range of VARs and SIs outside the United States. This builds on the solid foundation we have laid with the US-centric approach we have taken to date, and will greatly accelerate adoption of HPE and partner solutions in EMEA and APAC. 

Developing highly-differentiated technologies that address most pressing enterprise business concerns is just one small part of the puzzle. It’s a start. Taking those technologies to market, engaging customers with them, deploying them quickly and flawlessly and supporting them through their entire lifecycle—with a degree of excellence that leaves customers eagerly asking what’s next?—is just as critical. And it can be more complex. When end-to-end solutions are multivendor, doing this consistently and well is hard. And it’s driven many well-designed, carefully-developed and highly-prioritized solutions onto a detour.

The genesis—and growth—of the HPE Complete program

Seamless integration of disparate technologies from a variety of vendors requires careful planning, stringent vetting and strong alignment on both technical and business levels. Technology vendors large and small put their own reputations, and the success or failure of their businesses, on the line every time they sell and deploy a combined solution into their customers’ IT environments.

It was with this in mind that we developed the HPE Complete program in 2016. Designed to give customers absolute assurance that the combined technologies they were deploying in support of critical systems were rock solid—assembled, tested, qualified and streamlined for deployment from product development through to billing and ongoing support—we’ve now assembled the best of the best and made it easier than ever to put our combined solutions to work.

We have been driving real results for an ever-expanding list of customers that span the globe. In 2016, we launched the program by adding partners Brocade, Antemeta, Arxscan, Virtual Instruments, Carbonite, Nokia, SmartOptics and Thoughtspot to HPE’s price list.

In 2017, we announced a resell agreement with Veeam, followed by Safebreach, Shape, Synack, Tamr, Chef, Ctera, iTernity, Cohesity, Hedvig, CloudGenera, Qumulo and Zerto.  Solution areas range from security to storage, and from data replication, migration and virtualization to management insight and analytics. Program participation continues to grow in 2018, with the addition of new enterprise partners Commvault, NVIDIA, Mellanox and Cyberinc.

Reap the benefits of HPE Complete

Here's what HPE Complete and channel partners are saying about the benefits of the HPE Complete program.

  • One HPE purchase order: One-stop shop for both HPE products and third-party branded products and support
  • Validated solution: HPE Complete Assured validation for compatibility and interoperability
  • Customer experience: HPE Complete facilitated troubleshooting for issue resolution

“This partnership succeeds because when it comes to accelerating digital transformation, we share the 'what’s next?' mindset with HPE Complete. Together, we can provide customers with an IT environment that has the capabilities needed to achieve the highest levels of IT resilience. Zerto’s technology coupled with HPE offers the most advanced platform to deliver continuous data protection and assure mission critical operations continue to move forward even when faced with inevitable planned and unplanned disruptions. This partnership enables us to deliver the solutions needed today, while preparing for the challenges that come next.” – Rob Strechay, SVP of product, Zerto.

The program offers significant benefits to HPE channel partners, delivering solutions that have been rigorously tested and pre-configured for ease of deployment and ongoing reliability.

“HPE Complete streamlines the sales cycle for both Tech Data and our value-added resellers. The fact that these products and solutions have been vetted for compatibility and interoperability gives us all peace of mind.”  Rich Pereira, VP, US Sales, National Accounts & Retail, Tech Data

“Frequently the best complete solution incorporates a third-party product. For example we do a lot of work with Veeam. The HPE Complete program pre-validates reliability and interoperability and simplifies the purchasing process so everything is on a single purchase order.  Simple and straightforward – for our clients sand for us!”  Jack Margossian, President and CEO, Comport

I would like to personally thank the current roster of top-tier providers who have worked closely with us to ensure that our joint solutions run flawlessly together. We look forward to further expansion of the HPE Compete program, as we continue to deliver on our commitment to make deployment of these technologies as frictionless as possible for our growing mutual customer base.

On the topic of partners and storage...

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