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HPE StoreEver Tape with LTO-8 has landed!


HPE LTO-8 tape_blog.jpgThe arrival of good things is sometimes worth the wait—and this one was definitely worth it! We’re pleased to announce that the entire HPE StoreEver tape portfolio is now available with LTO-8 Half Height drive support. (Hotly anticipated following our LTO-8 storage media launch and LTO-8 Full Height drive support on our enterprise tape libraries at the end of 2017.)

Digital transformation is creating new opportunities for innovation but as our world becomes more intertwined with technology, your enterprise faces increasing pressure to keep pace with your growing ecosystems. So while many of us have come to the realization that Hybrid IT is now the new normal, many IT storage managers still experience on-going pressures to reduce costs for hot and cold data storage, address compliance requirements, manage data growth and protect short- and long-term storage.LTO-8 1.png

Source: IDC Digital Universe Study 2014

Some industries have already transformed, but others are under tremendous pressure to innovate just to survive. So that’s why here at HPE we think there’s never been a better time to protect and retain your data and applications than now, with an end-to-end HPE Data Protection solution tiered with new LTO-8 HPE StoreEver tape solutions. 

Despite new and emerging storage technologies, tape’s value proposition is as relevant today as it has ever been, with its core benefits of being economic, efficient, highly scalable and secure, still pertinent in the storage marketplace.  Let’s take a closer at these benefits in more detail below.


  • HPE StoreEver Tape storage still provides the lowest cost storage for long-term data retention of your data at $0.007 per GB[1] for life, vs. equivalent disk based solutions that are ~6X costlier per TB.[2]
  • Our HPE LTO Storage Media is tested to extremes and has a shelf life that exceeds 30+ years which is significantly longer than any other data center digital storage solution and we’re immensely proud that to date 140,720,062,700 GB of capacity has been shipped on HPE LTO Ultrium data cartridges since the year 2000.


  • Increase the data availability and improve your data center efficiency by complementing existing ecosystems with HPE StoreEver tape technology tiers for long-term retention of your cold data storage. Not to mention, tape energy consumption is <2% of HDD’s for the equivalent amount of storage.[2]
  • And new for 2018, our software partnership with Veritas Backup Exec together with HPE StoreEver Tape hardware provides a complete solution in itself or can be easily integrated into your existing Hybrid IT strategy. Make the most of this opportunity to save on Backup Exec with the purchase of HPE StoreEver Tape Drives and Libraries. As an HPE StoreEver customer, you now have access to a 50% discount [3] off MSRP when you purchase Veritas Backup Exec.

Highly scalable

  • Tape cartridge capacity continues to improve along an unprecedented trajectory with the current LTO-8 tape cartridges capable of storing up to 30TB of compressed data [3].
  • With LTO-8 Half Height Drive support available across the entire HPE Tape portfolio, benefit from 50% more capacity in the same data center footprint using LTO-8 30TB tape drives and media.
  • Alongside the launch of HPE StoreEver LTO-8 standalone tape drives and LTO-8 Half Height drives for HPE StoreEver automation, for customers who purchase new LTO-7 cartridges or have surplus LTO-7 unused cartridge stock, a new initialization feature will be introduced to enable the cartridge capacity to be increased by up to 50 percent.  Meaning new LTO-7 Type M media will be able to store up to 22.5TB of compressed data [4]. Together, these features are expected to provide users with a cost-effective storage solution that is both easy-to-use and addresses numerous storage needs. HPE LTO-7 Type M TeraPacks are also available for our HPE T950 and HPE TFinity ExaScale tape libraries as part of this announcement.LTO-8 2.png


  • Lower data center risk even more with reliable data availability with offline and off-premises data protection. In light of the rise in ransomware attacks, using removable storage media such as HPE LTO Tape helps prevent electronic access to data because the media removed from the system is no longer accessible electronically – it is offline and therefore provides true air-gap protection.
  • Hardware based encryption and WORM functionality also means you can meet the toughest industry compliance regulations.LTO-8 3.png

As you can see, HPE StoreEver Tape Solutions with LTO-8 can significantly reduce overall storage costs, energy used and data center footprint allocation—while addressing data growth challenges with the ability to add extra tape drives and capacity on-demand as your business expands.

HPE has a broad portfolio of tape products to suit varying storage needs and business sizes, ranging from standalone tape drives, tape automation and enterprise tape libraries—all now available with LTO-8 Half Height drive support. 

Learn more by watching our LTO-8 ChalkTalk.

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Sarah Clews, WW Product Marketing Manager, HPE Storage.




[1] Assumes 2.5:1 compression ratio for the life of the cartridge. Based on current audit of LTO-7 pricing (Mar’17) at $115.55 per 15TB.

[2] State of the Tape Industry 2017

[3] You must provide Veritas with reasonable proof of HPE purchase in order to exercise the HPE customer discount

[4] 2.5:1 compression ratio


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