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Pivot from Capacity to Agility: Why enterprise storage evaluation must change

With businesses seeking ever-greater agility, flexibility, and cost savings in their budgets, CIOs and IT managers are rethinking the ways in which they select enterprise storage resources.

Rethink primary storage-blog-TW-LI.pngThe world of digital video recorders (DVRs) has changed a lot in the past 20 years. This recently hit home for me when mine finally kicked the bucket and I suddenly had to evaluate replacement options – or face the wrath of my kids.

I realized that my whole decision criteria around this product had evolved. Instead of focusing on the size of the DVR system and the number of Law & Order episodes I could store, now I simply wanted something that was intuitive to use and provided quick, high quality access to all of our favorite shows. In the end, I decided to rent a box from my cable company instead of buying another system. With some minor upfront costs, I avoided over-provisioning for a future that is as unpredictable as ever. The system I chose suits my family perfectly, was a breeze to set up, and is easily upgradeable.

That experience got me thinking: When looking at the world of enterprise storage, isn’t it time to evolve our decision criteria beyond simple capacity? Historically, CIOs and IT managers have focused on complex guesses around future capacity needs. In today’s environment, however, the focus has shifted to what matters most for apps and data – and that’s availability and access that drive agility.

Omer Asad, VP and GM of HPE Primary Storage & Big Data, explores the increasing need for IT agility, flexibility, and cost savings in this recent Enterprise.NXT article, and he lays out the 3 keys for success in the evaluation of enterprise storage.




Matt Morrissey has been in the storage industry for over 20 years and has worked for HPE for the last 10. As a Senior Product Marketing Manager, he is passionate about showing the world how HPE Primera is redefining mission critical storage. Connect with Matt on Twitter and LinkedIn.




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