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Positioning the HPE Flash Storage portfolio


In this post, I'll look at the flash storage and hybrid storage options from HPE.  

Picking the right flash storage

While I was at Discover in Madrid, a colleague of mine from the UK (thank you Olivia) asked me if I had a ChalkTalk that helped customers understand the options we have in our portfolio for flash storage. Well, I didn't and given that is a question I hear a lot, I jumped on the opportunity to do it.  I finished it a few weeks ago but didn't put it on YouTube until this week so I thought I'd share it with you on the blog today.

 The ChalkTalk speaks for itself but I'll give you a quick rundown in a few short bullets on how we position our flash storage:

  • Book-ending the portfolio is the MSA, the entry-level solution that provides affordable acceleration. At the high-end is the XP7 Disk Array and offers extreme availability. The MSA is for the IT Generalist and is for the cost-driven SMB or enterprise department.  The XP7 is extreme tier-1 and more features than I could tell you about in a dedicated ChalkTalk.
  • HPE SimpliVity is efficiency focused. This is for the VM-centric IT admin that wants to collapse servers and storage and is the obvious choice for customers who want hyper-converged infrastructure.
  • HPE Nimble Storage focuses on a simple and new approach. It’s for the VM-centric admin who wants a new style of support with InfoSight that has dramatically improved support by automatically detecting and resolving 86% of issues.
  • HPE 3PAR is flexible and with tier-1 data services. It’s for the storage-centric IT admin and offers composable storage with HPE Synergy and OneView and is the best option when you need cost-effective tier-1 scale and performance.

A word on data protection

I often hear about customers who are out looking for the latest disk array for their environment but don't think about data protection. I talk about data protection in the ChalkTalk and didn't want to end the post without also writing about it.  As I said in the ChalkTalk, the rockstars here are the HPE StoreOnce backup appliance and Cloud Bank Storage. The hyperlinks I've included here are to the many blog posts we have on these topics.  Cloud Bank Storage is new but I also covered it in a ChalkTalk so check that out. 

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