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What’s new with HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING?

Get the scoop on the announcement of Scality RING 7.4 software and a new 3-node configuration for the HPE Apollo 4000 platform designed to solve data growth challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses.

Scality RING_HPE Scalable Object Storage_blog.jpgA few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post summarizing a recent IDC white paper that highlights the business value of HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING based on real customer interviews. That was truly an outstanding testament to the fast-growing recognition that HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING is one of the best solutions to choose for managing your data. That said, we at HPE and Scality strongly believe that we need to keep innovating to deliver compelling object storage solutions that address the ever-evolving challenges you face when managing your growing data volumes.

Over the past few years, HPE, along with Scality, has helped you reduce cost, lower risk and eliminate complexity while managing your data. This week, Scality announced its latest version of RING software and a new 3-node configuration for the HPE Apollo 4000 platform. The new 3-node configuration on the HPE Apollo 4000 platforms is optimized to solve the data growth challenges faced by small and mid-sized customers. In this post I’ll give you an overview of the announcement.

An affordable entry-level object storage solution

With the new 3-node configuration on the HPE Apollo 4200/4510 platform, Scality RING configurations can now be built with as few as 3 “nodes” (3 storage servers), where as the earlier minimum requirement was 6 “nodes” (6 storage servers.)  With this new offering, we can enable all the benefits of the RING software at a new, affordable entry point. The new configurations can seamlessly scale from 3 nodes to 6 nodes and more, providing a future-proof solution for customer’s scale-out file and object storage requirements.

The new 3-node configuration is an ideal solution when the usable licensed capacity requirement is between 200TB and 1PB, allowing users to start small and scale to meet requirements. The solution can deploy as a single-site deployment or as a 2-site synchronous replication (with additional RING and Geo licenses). This new configuration allows the flexibility of using any one of the access protocols (NFS or SMB or FUSE, with S3 support following later in 2018). The 3-node configuration grows in increments of 3 storage nodes and can provide up to 40% (depending upon the actual configuration deployed) savings on hardware cost when compared to same capacity deployed on a 6-node cluster.

With single-site 3-node deployment, your data is protected and read/write access continues even if two disks fail across the 3 node cluster, or one server is temporarily down for maintenance. With active-passive failover, the single connector access is also protected should a server in the cluster be off-line.HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING.jpg

Take a look around Scality RING 7.4

Scality RING 7.4 provides a comprehensive unified portal for all aspects of management and monitoring of the RING’s native AWS S3, file (NFS, SMB, and FUSE) and HPE Apollo 4000 platforms. The new Scality RING 7.4 LTS is designed to reduce the time needed to deploy and operate the RING software at multi-petabyte scale.

To simplify and centralize all aspects of operations, the RING 7.4 Supervisor UI portal brings together a range of valuable new capabilities. This includes a new “at-a-glance” dashboard with unified trending and forecasting metrics and KPIs, monitoring, alerts, server and disk monitoring for HPE Apollo 4000 platforms and easy point-and-click provisioning of S3 and file system services

If you want more details around these new features, please contact your local HPE/Scality sales team, who will be happy to whiteboard an architecture tailored to your specific requirements—and to help you better understand how the HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING can be an integral part of your IT infrastructure.

HPE Discover 2018_blog.jpgMore on the horizon—at HPE Discover

I’m very excited about the upcoming HPE Discover in Las Vegas and what is in store for HPE Storage. Personally I’m looking forward to it, as we continue to innovate and elevate the standards of managing your data.

If you are attending HPE Discover later this month, please feel free to visit our booth and chat with one of our product experts and learn about the benefits that come with deploying HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING your environment.

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