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Nimble Array Setup Manager Error

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Nimble Array Setup Manager Error

Hi Folks,

We have one of our customer  trying to setup the array via setup manager and it return error. Is this due to version of setup manager ?

Can you please confirm the command to setup the management  Ip address via console .



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Re: Nimble Array Setup Manager Error

Hi Varghese,

If the Nimble Setup Manager detects the array then the error is unlikely to be due to the version of the setup manager. Have you set an IP address on the workstation/server that you are running Setup Manager from so its on the same subnet as that of the management IP (i.e 10.1.6.x)?

To setup the management IP address via the console the easiest way is run the "setup" command which will run through a wizard to configure the array.


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Re: Nimble Array Setup Manager Error

Hi Varghese,

I've seen this error fairly recently. First, you can try using the newer Nimble Setup Manager (part of the new Nimble Windows Toolkit, on Infosight) - which may resolve the issue.

Secondly, you can deploy the array through the CLI. If you type in "setup --force" once logged in as admin in the CLI (password will be admin when uninitialised) this will allow you to deploy the array successfully.

Please would you mind getting in touch with support and opening a bug for this issue please, as they may have other resolutions!

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Re: Nimble Array Setup Manager Error

Hello Varghese.  I've actually had this happen twice with two different customers that appeared to be related to the actual Setup Manager not completing before the customer tried to access the Management IP.  In both cases they stated they didn't want for the Setup Manager to come back with the “Finished” window and they got a little impatient and started to troubleshoot various things and received a similar error to what you posted. (these were new installs in both cases)

They used the console cable and attached to the array via putty and logged into the CLI.  Once logged into the CLI they issued this command, array –resetup.  After issuing that command one of the customers just power cycled the array and the other one just reran the Setup Manager and went the basic setup again. Both reported this resolved their issue.

This (command/process) would only apply to a "new" array setup of course and you wouldn't want to run this command on an array that has been successfully setup.

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Re: Nimble Array Setup Manager Error

I would also check to ensure that the system is not blocking communication via a local firewall.  Here are the steps for CLI setup - the info is present in the Install and Config guide located on the Support site.

Configure the Array Using the CLI: The CLI requires a serial connection with the array. See Set up a Serial Connection. Before you start, fill out the Installation Checklist.You need the information from the checklist to perform the initial CLI setup .Note: Subnet and VLAN configuration is a separate action.

To configure the array using the CLI:
1. After you are logged into the active controller- type: setup You are prompted for the information needed to set up the array.
2. Type the information as requested. Important: If you accept an incorrect entry, you must start the setup process again.
1. Enter array name: greyhound
2. Enter group name: storehouse
3. Enter domain name:
4. Enter comma-separated list of DNS server(s):
5. Enter NTP server name:
6. Enter time zone: America/Los_Angeles
If you are not sure about the proper time zone and format, type timezone --list to view a list of all valid time zones.
7. Enter subnet for NIC eth1:
8. Enter subnet type for NIC eth1: management
9. Enter subnet for NIC eth2:
10. Enter subnet type for NIC eth2: data
11. Enter mgmt IP address:
12. Enter discovery IP address:
13. Enter data IP address for NIC eth1:
14. Enter data IP address for NIC eth2:
15. Enter support IP address for controller A:
16. Enter support IP address for controller B:
17. Enter array default gateway address:
Note: Use your own values for each item in the sample above.

3. Type the following command to set alert email parameters for the array:
group --edit --smtpserver <your_mail_host> --toeaddr <your_email_addr> --fromeaddr <group_name>@<your_domainname>

4. After the setup is complete, disconnect the Serial-USB-VGA adapter (dongle) and serial cable. Open an SSH session to the management IP address of the array and log in with the user name admin and the password admin.

If you need to change the admin password, type useradmin --passwd, press Enter, and follow the prompts.