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NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

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NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

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Re: NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

This place has become so much quieter ever since the HP announcement.

So any more information on the snapshots limit introduced in OS 4.1.0? Thanks.

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Re: NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

Not so quiet from my perspective, would appreciate some tumbleweed

The object limit for snapshots on release will be up to 300,000 per pool.

Many thanks,


Edit: Updated the count.

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Re: NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

Is Adobe Flash no longer a requirement with 4.1.0?  I'm liking the new interface. 

Also - I was a bit bummed to see no details on Dedupe for CS series arrays..

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Re: NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

Dedupe on hybrid was never planned to be in the NimbleOS 4.x release schedule. Expect more information in the coming months on this, it is still on the radar!

The new interface is indeed non-flash based! <rejoice!>

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Re: NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

Yes - props on the new interface Nimble bros! 


Re: NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

I'm very glad to hear dedupe on CS arrays is still a goal. We've been wanting that for a long time.

Also very thankful for a little less flash in my life. 

Re: NimbleOS 4 Release Notes

My favorite new features bolded below...

The following features are new in NimbleOS 4.x:

·         Volume Scalability – up to 10,000 Volumes for the following AFA models: AF5000 / AF7000 / AF9000

·         Next Generation UI

·         Alarm Management

·         Quality of Service – IO Limits

·         Framework for Integrating Snapshots with any Application

·         Application Consistent Snapshots for Hyper-V VMs

·         Store all Passwords Encrypted

·         Common Criteria (Login Banner)

·         REST API for SCVMM Integration through SMI-S

·         Windows Server 2016 Support

·         Nimble Windows Toolkit Suite Installer

·         Windows Host Information Reporting to Array

·         Windows Host-Aware Clone Automation

·         Fibre Channel iGroup Types

·         NimbleOS Management REST API – Full Set

NOTE: Internet Explorer 10 and earlier versions are not supported in NimbleOS 4.x