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MSTP query

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MSTP query

We have 7 core switches mixture of 5400  and 8200 with 3 instances of MSTP in one region.


We need to add a whole load of vlans (256 alltogether ) but we want to do this with minimal  downtime, we have never done this internally before.


So the idea would be to add some new instances say 128 vlans on each instance and maybe some spare to cover future growth. None of the switches are stacked so I think we can create 12 instances.


If we add the new instances and then add the new vlans to these instances would there be any disruption to existing instances or anything else that may cause issue???

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Re: MSTP query

Bit more digging. Really new to the Ins and Outs of MSTP.

Is there any limits on how many MST instances can be on one switch if in the same region. 


Say we have 4 core switches and currently 3 of them are root switches. We have 3 instances.

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Re: MSTP query

What's the idea of having that much instances?   Instances are meant for placing the root on a different switch, to facilitate steering traffic onto different links.