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VLANS with multiple SSIDs and Sonicwall

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VLANS with multiple SSIDs and Sonicwall


I need to configure two vlans in my procurve 2820 swtich. One for Lan and another for WLAN. The switch is connected to sonicwall on the LAN Port and i need to connect PORT 4 on the switch to the PORT 4 on Sonicwall for Wireless. Can i keep the default vlan 1 enabled and create another VLAN for Wireless or disable the default vlan 1 and create two vlans, one for LAN and another one for WLAN. What should be the port settings on switch for each vlan? Can anybody explain or direct me to the right documents with the same scenario? Where should i connect the sonicpoint on switch port and what configuration is needed on that port?


The IP Addresses Scheme is:

Sonicwall LAN (PORT 1) (no dhcp)

Sonicwall WLAN (PORT 4) (dhcp enabled)

HP Procurve Switch IP (Default Vlan 1)



Tom Lyczko
Super Advisor

Re: VLANS with multiple SSIDs and Sonicwall


You don't do anything in the switch since you only have one switch.

You do all the configuration in the SonicWall by connecting the X# wireless zone to the X0 LAN zone.

You do this by bridging your WLAN port, e.g. X3, to the X0 port.

Lots of documentation on the net about this.

Then in the wireless part of the SonicWall you configure the SSIDs.

If you want a guest WLAN, that is a separate IP range which is a sub-interface of the WLAN port.