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Miserable Throughput

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Miserable Throughput

I have a Surestore 2/20(single drive) attached to a Adaptec 29160(Ultra 160)in a Dell Poweredge 6300. Running Backup Exec for NetWare 9.0.

It backs up three servers-one directly attached via the 29160 and two others through the lan. My throughput is perfectly acceptable on the lan attached servers BUT... the directly attached server backs up at 1/3 the speed.

I am averaging 11.9G/hour on the locally attached server and typically get 30-35G per hour on all my other servers that have local tape drives. Furthermore the SureStore is largely idle and only writes to the tape every 5 seconds or so when backing up the directly attached server. Backing up the LAN attached servers it writes almost constantly.

I have tried the integrated SCSI, throttled down the Adaptec to 80MB, changed drivers. I am running out of ideas. Any assistence would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Miserable Throughput

Hi there.
That looks like you daisychained something
to the same controler as the DLT2/20 ( like disks ).
If yes, that is giving you the headache.
You should not attach anything to the same SCSI controlers as the tape drives.
Pls send some more details.
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