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Surestore 1/8 Backup Exec robotic problems

Occasional Contributor

Surestore 1/8 Backup Exec robotic problems

Backup Exec loses track of what tapes are in the slots during backup, and the tapes are marked .

When i run an inventory the library returns an "robotic element full" error and puts the drive offline. To get the drive online i have to restart the BE services, and backup job is cancelled.

Example: I started a "Full backup" job with two tapes mounted in slot 1 and slot 2.

The backup part runs fine and uses both tapes. Verify finishes the first tape, but when it needs the second tape it is marked , the job is queued and i'm asked to load the correct tape.

I run an inventory on slot 2, but the element full error shows up and the drive is offline. All i can do is restart the whole job :-(

I run the latest firmware and BE library drivers, and the library is disabled in W2K RSM.

One more thing that bothers me is why the import/export commands does not work from within BE, and has to be done using the front buttons.