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C-class enclosure and interconnect modules.

Serguei Tokovenko
Occasional Contributor

C-class enclosure and interconnect modules.

The "HP BladeSystem c-Class Infrastructure's QuickSpecs" contains restriction:

"Up to 4 different interconnect fabrics (Ethernet, FC, IB, iSCSI, SAS, etc.) supported simultaneously within the enclosure."
Please, explain me (with examples), whats mean 'different interconnect fabric' and is next blade systems configuration valid?

1. c7000 enclosure with 16 BL460c blades

2. 2 Gigabit Ethernet GbE2c interconnect modules in slot 1/2 for embedded NICs

3. 2 Gigabit Ethernet GbE2c interconnect modules in slots 3/4 for mezzanine card (MZ slot 1) in Gigabit Ethernet NC326m, installed in 10 servers.

4. 2 Fibre Channle HP Brocade 4/24 SAN interconnect modules in slot 5/6 for mezzanine card Fibre Channel Qlogic QMH2462 (MZ slot 2) installed in 9 servers

Total mezzanine cards distributions is:

- 4 servers with Ethernet and FC mezzanine cards
- 6 servers with Ethernet mezzanine cards only
- 5 servers with FC only mezzanine card only
- 1 server w/o mezzanine cards

Can I setup FC mezzanine card in MZ slot 2 w/o any card in MZ slot 1 ?
Magnus Bernhardson
Occasional Advisor

Re: C-class enclosure and interconnect modules.

This is exactly how we have set up our C-class enclosures.
It is no problem setting up only 1 of the mezzanine slots, just remember to put them in the same slot in every server.