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How to save OA links with VC

Occasional Contributor

How to save OA links with VC


I try to save cables on my LAN (switchs are expensives you know). The goal of operation is to plug the OA's cables to VC (our other solution).

Before, with Gb2ec it was possible but I don't get succeed with VC. I try many different ways but it never work. I also try to use benefits of interlinks enclosure. I thank that if just oa's of one enclosure are linked I could access to others enclosures. But no, I can see informations of all of them but it's impossible to connect to VC (I thank there was an internal link on somethink like this....)

I read all pdf guides and they never explain how we can do this.

Thanks and don't hesitate to ask me some questions, I try so many differents ways to explain all there :-)
Honored Contributor

Re: How to save OA links with VC

With VC it is impossible to connect OA ports to VC uplink ports and be able to access the OA.

And yes, all of the OA's need to be connected because the OA/ILO port is where traffic for all ILO's, OA's and VC mgmt run through.

If switch port cost is what is limiting you, I would suggest buying a cheap unmanaged switch to connect all your OA ports and then uplink the unmanaged switch to your management LAN. OA's, ILO's and VC mgmt typically aren't bandwidth-hungry.
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Re: How to save OA links with VC

I open a HP case before your answer and the hotline is sure that there is a solution but... He doesnt tell me it lol so I'm waiting and come again here if they find something interesting.

Otherwise do youthink there is another solution ? (I note your solution of switch, thx)