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Info about network services problem in ILO3

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Info about network services problem in ILO3

Salmon had an iLO question:




Does anyone know UDP network services “domain” and “netbios-ns”  provide which function in ilo3?

Customer want to disable some ports not useful or important for security opinion.

Below picture is from a port scan software when scan the ilo port.

Thank you very much!






Input from Sunya:



   NetBios is  the  peer-to-peer  name resolution method by broadcasting  itself or shout for the party.  It is useful when it is attach to the network with out DNS.  

   If you have experience  to reach http://iloXXXXXX  with out DNS there. That means netbios is functioning.  But this method will cause some network traffic and might violate the security policy  in some where.




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