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Question on resetting the Onboard Administrator (OA)

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Question on resetting the Onboard Administrator (OA)

Mir had a question regarding the OA:




I have a following query and any help will be appreciated.

We often get cases where in we have to reset OA and OA tray for certain issues.


Could any one please tell me when we do that will it cause any network outage/ packets drops for the following scenarios


1. If enclosure has VC Flex-10  or ethernet modules.

2 .when there is no VC module present.




Reply from Vincent:




Resetting/Removing the OA(s) should have no effect on existing server connectivity, regardless of which interconnect modules are installed. Anything else should be treated as a (major) bug, especially since we tout our out-of-band management as a major differentiator.




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