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SNMP pass thru set to Agentless Management Service (AMS)

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SNMP pass thru set to Agentless Management Service (AMS)

An SNMP question and a license question from Phillip:




First hopefully just a quick one.


Is there any effect on running  BL460c Gen8 blades, if we move from SNMP pass thru to AMS in the ilo 4 SNMP config?  I don’t think there would be any but just double checking.


A more tricky one now.


I have a Matrix 7.3x environment where the licencing is showing 3 x full chassis iLO  licenses for the 3 enclosures, however, one of those license’s is showing a warning as it states that …..



All in the same VCEM domain.


As you can see the all the chassis’  are not fully populated and yet we have this warning “issue”

Any ideas?




Note from Dan:




1. SNMP set to iLO/AMS means any SNMP requests will be answered by iLO or if not configured simply ignored.


2. The chart (not so) clearly shows you issued the same license 17 times.  A chassis bundle should be 16 at max.

There is a spot in the license manager where you can show who is using which license.