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Some questions on monitoring with HP Insight Control

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Some questions on monitoring with HP Insight Control

I posted this on the ProLiant forum, but this looks like a better place...


We are considering setting up an SNMP based monitoring system using HP Insight software. The system has a bunch of G7 blades, a network switch, storage blades and a HP StorageWorks SB40c . The servers run a mix of Linux and Windows.


Beyond the marketing speak, what are the main specific benefits of monitoring a HP Blade System server rack with Insight Control?


We want to send notifications of critical issues to a technician. What specific events/SNMP traps are the most valuable to report back to a support agent?


Also, we may be looking for a consultant to help with this initial setup. Are there any HP or 3rd party consultants doing this type of work? How would we find one? 


I imagine it would require a couple of weeks of someone's time to help us fully configure the monitoring.




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Re: Some questions on monitoring with HP Insight Control



Lot of questions. Will try to answer as much as possible.


Yes SIL is the way to go to monitor your blade environment and other HP related stuff. Also other brands are some kind to monitor, depends of the MIB files that are available for them...


All events will be send to HP SIM: informational, minor, major and critical. Aftwerwards in SIM you can create so called Automatic Event Handling tasks where you say which events must be send to which person... Reaaly easy and flexible...


There are consultants enough in the world who can assist with this. Depends of course where you are located.

My experience tells me that such a setup can be done in 2 or 3 days, depending of the situation and preparation...

I typically teach these trainings in 5 days but then all additional plug-ins of SIM (called Insight Control) is also covered in it...





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