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BL460c G7, post error "Controller Error: DDR test failed"

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BL460c G7, post error "Controller Error: DDR test failed"

Hi everyone


if anyone of you have met with such a problem. During startup bug appears. After several restarts error disappears. I was updating bios and Emulex driver. What could be the cause.



Re: BL460c G7, post error "Controller Error: DDR test failed"



Issue seems to be with Emulex, according to some manuals at Emulex, this is what it says:


Issue: You receive any of the following POST error messages or warnings:
Redboot Initialization failed...
Firmware Load failed...
DDR config failed...
DDR callibrate failed...
DDR test failed...
SEEPROM checksum failed...
Secondary firmware image loaded...




These POST messages indicate that you must reload the UCNA firmware using OneCommand Manager or one of the Emulex online or offline utilities. If the error(s) persist, contact Technical Support.




Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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Re: BL460c G7, post error "Controller Error: DDR test failed"

thank you for you help


i will try do that.