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BL680 G7 adapter question

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BL680 G7 adapter question

Prosenjit had a BL680c G7 question:




BL680 G7 is having Six (6) embedded HP NC553i 10Gb FlexFabric adapter ports.


Does this mean that there are three dual port cards embedded ? I am checking in terms of failure of one card ( two ports ) should not hamper the other four ports.




Reply from Monty:




The Onboard Administrator 3.50 User Guide port mapping section contains the BL680c G7 port mapping information for the c7000 and c3000 enclosures.


There are three embedded 10Gb FlexFabric dual-port NICs and seven  Mezzanine card slots in that server blade.


The BL680c G7 quickspec indicates these are NC553i ports.




The loss of one LOM will not impact the others. Each LOM has a dual-port NIC. Any other questions?