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Blade Installation in same quadrant question

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Blade Installation in same quadrant question

A blade installation question from Ismail:




One our customer would like to install 2x BL460c Gen 8 (half height) and 1 x BL660c (full height) Gen8 beside each other. He would like to install BL460x Gen8 in bay 5 & 13 and the BL660c Gen8 in bay 6. As far as I know there is no way to install them beside each other. Could you please if this setup is supported by any documents?




Input from Cullen:




You can’t mix 2 BL460s and one BL660 in the same quadrant.  The reason is one of physical support – the half-height blade in the top slot will put a strain on the midplane connectors and could fall out if the bottom blade is removed.   That could damage both the server and the midplane.  The only way to mix 2 half-height blades with a full-height blade in a quadrant is to have an expansion blade in the bottom slot with a support bracket attached to support the blade above.


Both the C7000 QuickSpecs and the user guide describe this.




And info from Kim:




Not supported


The c7000 enclosure is divided into four zones or quadrants by the vertical support metalwork. Within each zone, a removable divider is used to support half-height devices. To install a full-height blade in any zone, this divider must be removed. As a consequence, a zone can only contain either full-height server blades or half-height server blades.