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Qlogic 8Gb adapter speed question

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Qlogic 8Gb adapter speed question

Bart had an adapter question:




A customer did send us a question regarding the speed of his Qlogic adapters in the BL460 gen 8 servers.

The Qlogic 2572 card is in mezz 1. This is a PCI-E –II (500MB/s per lane) (x4) Type A card. The Mezz slots in a BL460 Gen 8 are PCI-3 X16.

If you look at the picture you can see that the negociated PCI width is X4 with a negociated speed of only 5Gbits/s, the actual data rate is however 8Gbps.

How can we explain that the card runs at its highest speed and can deliver 2 x 8Gb/s FC traffic?

Or do we have a missmatch of Gb or GB? Or is the 5Gbit/s shown per PCI-E lane?






The answer from Cristoph:




What you see is the StarPower Feature from Qlogic:






Some Bios Versions had problems and used only one lane if you did not force the PCIE subsystem to Version 2.




But in your case you are ok.




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