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iLO issues with Time Zone sync

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iLO issues with Time Zone sync


I have a problem with the time zone sync between the iLOs and the OA.


For example the Onboard Administrator is configured correctly with all parameters for NTP and Time zone on OA->Enclosure Settings->Date and Time->Set time using an NTP server->Time Zone (US/Eastern)


for each iLO / Blade. iLO->Network->iLO Dedicated Newtwork Port->SNTP->Propagate NTP or OA Time Host (Enabled)


The Primary time server is correctly configured but the time zone appear Atlantic/Reykjavik, I try reset the sever, reset the ilo, but the time zone never updated from the OA.


I'am testing this on iLO v4 and v3, and I have the same issues.


Thanks for the advice.



Diego Najar