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Configure Virtual Connect with VMware

Occasional Contributor

Configure Virtual Connect with VMware

I have to implement a new VMware environment, on C7000 Enclosure with 5 Blade DL460, the C7000 has 2 SAN switch for Storage (EMC), and 2 Virtual connect HP6125G/XG, i wondered what is the best configuration for network connection? The C7000 has 2 HP6125G / XG. I have a core network with Cisco 6509 and Nexus. I can connect uplinks for VMWARE to 10g?


Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: Configure Virtual Connect with VMware

The HP6125G/XG are not HPE Virtual Connect, they are HPE switches.

Yes you can connect them up at 10Gb. NIC1 on all servers is presented to switch 1, you can have 10Gb from those to the Nexus/6500 .. depends on what you are doing with them