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How does Virtual Connect (VC) handle multicast packets?

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How does Virtual Connect (VC) handle multicast packets?

Hilt had a question regarding multicast packets:




Need help with some networking that's a little out of my wheelhouse.  A customer has asked the following :


Something else that we need to factor in is how we manage multicast (MC) traffic between the App servers. This will be between blades in an enclosure so we need to understand how we contain the MC traffic within the Virtual connect domain preventing it reaching the core network. And within the domain we need to separate Unicast and MC traffic ie: some E/W traffic will be Unicast and some MC, we need to protect the servers functioning with Unicast from being flooded by MC traffic.


If we enable IGMP snooping along with IGMP NoFlood, will that do the job ?  Or am I way off here ?




Comment from Dan:

I think that's the right direction and possibly add IGMP security that came in one of the 4.x releases.


Reply from Mark:

You have to include an mrouter or igmp querier inside the domain in your design else you will timeout.

No flood would make sense. Internal network possibly with 0 uplinks would keep inside.




Any other comments?