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Unstacking a Virtual Connect (VC) domain question

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Unstacking a Virtual Connect (VC) domain question

Dennis asked how to unstack a VC Domain:




How easy is it to unstack a single VC Domain Group formed from 3 stacked C7000 enclosures using VC-Flex10?

The enclosures include SAN switches, NOT VC-FC.

I want 3 independently managed enclosures.


When unstacking is it possible to keep the original Server Profiles intact and hence maintain all original OS installations and network connections?




From Lionel:




No you cannot maintain the servers running because you cannot remove an enclosure from a VC Domain without un-assigning all server profiles and without removing all uplink ports that you might use on one of the modules located in that enclosure.


So you are forced to:

0/ Do a backup of your MES Domain

1/ Shut down the servers

2/ Unassigned the profiles,

3/ Modify the vNets if using some ports in the enclosure that needs to be ejected

4/ Remove the remote enclosure,

5/ Re-create and configure the new VC Domain on that ejected enclosure.

6/ Re-create the server profiles

7/ Servers can be turned on


The re-creation of the server profiles can be regenerated from the MES VC backup.




Any other suggestions? Have you tried this?