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Virtual Connect question for defining additional flexnics

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Virtual Connect question for defining additional flexnics

Eirik was helping a customer when an issue came up over the latest version of Virtual Connect Manager:



Hi Experts.


After upgrading to VC-firmware 3.01 at a new customer install site I’m having some trouble addressing an “issue”.

On the server profile there is only flexnic 1a and flexnic 2a available, there is no “add network connection” so that we can specify the additional flex-nics.


The server itself sees all 8 flex-nics but 6 of them are disconnected since they are not in the profile in VC, now I want to define some of these for the vmware environment but I cannot seem to find where to specify the additional nics.


Basic info :


VC Flex-10 at firmware 3.01

BL460 G6 fresh from store

OA at 3.10


Any help is highly appreciated.


(Ps. This is probably a stupid question).


Shigeru answered Eirik question just as I think Eirik found the solution:


Move your mouse cursor to the last line of “Ethernet Network Connections” and then right click mouse button. You will see the context menu with “Add Connection”



Are you using VCM 3.01? Let us know what you think.