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server vlan tagging with SUS with map mode

Occasional Advisor

server vlan tagging with SUS with map mode

hi all

i have a c7000 enclosure and flex-10 virtual connect on the vc i want to create 3 vnet where all of them will go through the same uplink so i have SUS and on the blade server i will install Vmware where i will create vlans but each of the server nic will be connected to only one vlan


so and as i understood from some hp readings i cannot use tunnel mode with SUS as vlan tags will be added on the server itself am i wrong?


but on the other side 

on the vc user guide the following note is mentioned

"If you are deploying a server where VLAN tags will be used (added) on theserver itself, do not connect the server Ethernet port carrying VLAN-tagged traffic to a shareduplink set."


so how to solve this problem?