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3com 4500g multicast

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3com 4500g multicast

Hi, At present, our 3com 3500G switches do not seem to be able to distinguish multicast traffic so understandably forward it out of every port in the vlan that it originates. Now this is OK as hardly anything is plugged into the switch but I would like to prevent it from going out of a certain port. Does anyone now I could achieve this?

I have tried an ACL using the multicast destination mac address outbound on the port I wish to prevent the traffic leaving but this did not work, nor did using udp ports.

I have tried to add a static multicast address entry but this always fails and will not add.

I have also looked into IGMP snooping but this does not seem to recognise the traffic corrently.

It is basically 2 checkpoint firewalls sending control messages through layer 2 multicast, udp port 8116. I need to prevent this traffic reaching another port on the same vlan.

Any thoughts people could give would be massively helpful as I seem to have exhausted most options now.