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Bonjour on HP network

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Bonjour on HP network

Our network consists of:


2x HP 10508 connecting to switches around 20: 5120 and 2520's switches


Wifi controller: 2x MSM760 Controller load balanced


APs: MSM460


We are trying to get get apple TV working across our guest wifi. at the moment we can get connection for a minute or so with mirroring working before the connection will drop off.

I believe this is due to IGMP not being disabled and it dropping the packets after X amount of time. I've found that Cisco provide documentation on how to setup bonjour across their networks but cannot find anything for HP that is similar? Has anyone had any expirience/suggestions the best way to get apple tv working?


Multicast is enabled for IPv4 which would explain the initial connection.

Thanks in advance