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Comware (OS) Information

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Occasional Contributor

Comware (OS) Information

Hi guys,

I need some basic information for the Comware OS and I was wondering, if someon can help me:

- Version(s)

- Release Date(s)

- End of Life Date(s)

Any information on the above is more than welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Occasional Contributor

Re: Comware (OS) Information

I have rolled over all networking pages/threads and I haven't found any information.


Trusted Contributor

Re: Comware (OS) Information

Well, HPE doesn´t offer any Feature explorer like Cisco or Juniper for its H3C/Comware devices. Basically there are 3 major releases Comware 3, 5 and 7 Comware 3 seems to be out of support. Comware 5 is still supported. You can find the release dates within the release notes. End of life? Good question. Perhaps you can find something on h3c.com


For hardware: http://www.h3c.com.hk/Technical_Support___Documents/Home/Product_Support_Catergory/

Occasional Contributor

Re: Comware (OS) Information

Thanks a lot Michael!

I guess this is the best, that we can say on my topic.

It will be good, if they will consider providing such generic information for their OS's


Thanks a lot again!


Occasional Visitor

Re: Comware (OS) Information

Hi Micheal,

Could you please share some reference for the comware v3, v5, v7 release date?

And how many years these os are out of scope after the release date?