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Distributing VLAN to multiple switches

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Distributing VLAN to multiple switches

I'm new to HP networking, but now I must set up a range of 5900, 6125 and 5500 switches.

One thing I have to configure is a dozen or so VLANS across all these switches. I planned to do this through IMC, but I cant get IMC to talk to my switches yet (HP support is working on it).

In Cisco this is done simple and securely through VTP. I understand that HP uses other, open protocols for this.

GVRP has been mentioned to me, but I understand that this is not a very secure protocol, and that HP want us to use MVRP, which I understand is a feature of MSTP (please correct if I'm mistaken).


Have anyone configured MSTP and what are your experiences? Any caveats? How secure is MVRP?


Can I use the mvrp registration command to ensure that VLANs created on an access switch is not propagated to the core, but allow VLANS from the core to be registered at access-layer?



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Re: Distributing VLAN to multiple switches

I would highly recommend you to manually setup these vlans, it can be easily scripted if there are a bunch of devices which you need to configure in a row.


Using VTP and similar techniques sounds good but are a nightmare if not protected enough (from evil clients) or for that matter if you accidently delete a vlan in one of the devices then the error is propagated through your whole network - the great downside of "automagic"...