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HP Procurve Switches and Default Gateway

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HP Procurve Switches and Default Gateway


I have a HP Procurve 4108 which is working absolutely fine. I created a VLAN and assigned a handful of ports to it. I then attached an Edimax AP to the switch and configured it as a DHCP server on my recently created VLAN.

So far so good! If i plugged a PC into a port in that VLAN i would get all the correct IP details and if I connected wirelessly I would also get all the correct IP details. Fantastic! Everything was good. I then configured an identical VLAN on a 2848 switch in another building, which is connected by fibre. The VLANS were communicating and everything was good.

This is where it gets weird... now any device connecting to this network on either switch wirelessly or wired will get a correct IP address and subnet mask in the range that I set in the DHCP settings on the AP but no default GW. And it will get some DNS server details but not the right ones. 

So something must have happened while I was setting up the VLANs on the second switch and configuring them to communicate.

Anyone out there with any Ideas of why this might be happening?

My initial thoughts were that there was something plugged into the 2848 that was acting as a DHCP server and causing conflict but that isnt the case. I have also changed the AP to see if that was the problem, but a second different branded AP behaved the same way. 

Any help or even a push in the right direction would be appreciated. 




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Re: HP Procurve Switches and Default Gateway

It sounds to me like you've got another DHCP server interfering. It could be anywhere on the VLAN, or even on another VLAN if you have a DHCP helper defined. Try disabling your new DHCP server and connecting a DHCP client. I would be willing to be that you'll get the same results.