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Re: How to display interface index (ifindex) ?

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How to display interface index (ifindex) ?

How to determine interface index & network management (NM)-specific indexes ? In Cisco CLI this is a command:

show snmp mif ifmib ifindex <interface>.

 What about Comware5 analog ?


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Re: How to display interface index (ifindex) ?

So, this is an old thread, but it comes up when you are looking for a way to determine the port being referenced by an ifIndex number in a log file, which is what I was looking for today. Well, after a call to HPE support, I got an answer for Comware 7, which may or may not also work for Comware 5.

For this, you will need to generate a diagnostics file from the switch in question.

Note the ifIndex number in the Log file 
To find the actual port with the issue, convert the ifIndex number to Hexadecimal (i.e. ifIndex 264 = hex 0x108).
Generate diagnostics from the switch if you haven't already.
If you used the GUI - Untar the diags to a text file.

Search the file for the hex number referenced. This should be on a line that also identifies the switch port in question.

It sure seems like the long way around to get to where you need to be, but it does work.